Car Rentals at Wahlstrom Ford

 Make Sure You Never Miss Your Drive with Rental Cars from Wahlstrom Ford

Are you looking for a vehicle rental? Look no further than Wahlstrom Ford, where we offer a stellar rental program with a variety of vehicles, all at a price that you can smile at. We want you to be able to drive anywhere you want to go, even when your vehicle is in the shop for a few days getting service repairs. Wahlstrom Ford is happy to help, and we'll make sure you get the right vehicle for your lifestyle!

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

Rent your vehicle at Wahlstrom Ford today! Our competitive rates will have you on the road in no time. 

Ford Edge - $60 unlimited mileage per day
Ford Escape - $60 unlimited mileage per day
Ford Explorer - $75 unlimited mileage per day

Full coverage insurance, drivers license, and credit card are needed to rent.
Sales Tax 7.5%, Rental Tax 5.75%

Ford Escape

  • MPG: 28 (hwy) / 22 (city) / 24 (combined)

Vehicle Features: Rides comfortably with sporty steering and handling around turns. This compact crossover blends performance and utility.

Ford Explorer

  • MPG: 24 (hwy) / 17 (city) / 20 (combined)

Vehicle Features: Combination of power AWD performance, safety, and comfort. Cabin is quiet and comfortable on the highway.

Ford Edge

  • MPG: 30 (hwy) / 20 (city) / 24 (combined)

Vehicle Features: A midsize SUV with plenty of cargo space plus great fuel economy. Sport, quiet, and fun to drive.


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